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Begin your transformational journey

Do you want to take a professional approach to your business transformation? Make a difference and finally take action? We have put together three entry-level products to get you started 

The challenge

Do you feel that something needs to change? If so, you’ve taken the first step by coming to this realization. Together we will figure out what changes are necessary and develop the best strategy to reach your goals.


Product of our collaboration

  • Increase your awareness of potential obstacles throughout the transformation process

  • Vision and goals for the transformation itself will be established and outlined

  • An overall strategy will be defined together

The challenge

Do you already have an idea of how you would like to see beneficial change within your company? Would you like to have an expert challenge your ideas before you get started?

Let us analyze your ideas through a collaborative process and work out a successful overall approach. 

Product of our collaboration

  • Vulnerabilities have been identified and analyzed through trusted models and methods

  • Additional strategies have been discussed

  • A symbiotic relationship between the various strategies is ensured 

  • Together we create a customized transformation roadmap for your business

The challenge

Communication is the key to success for most transformation. You’re wondering what your communication roadmap should look like for your transformation process? We can show you how to develop this roadmap.

Product of our collaboration

  • Defined procedures for creating the right communication roadmap

  • Tools and templates have been explained

  • Joint interactive applications have been adapted to individual needs

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Why professional business transformation matters

The constant need for change, high complexity and disruptive markets permanently challenge companies to continuously adapt to new circumstances. This requires the right knowledge and know-how within the company. But what specific expertise does your company need for a successful implementation of this change?

On the one hand, the necessary knowledge required to developing a suitable technical solution. On the other hand, the necessary expertise needed to implement this solution in a way so that sustainable change is reflected in people’s actions and behavior patterns. After all, even the best approach will fail if it is not implemented correctly.

Due to a lack of know-how, the obstacles that come with change, as well as the effects of misguided changes, are often underestimated. This leads to incomplete implemented solutions that stand in the way of the intended goal and thus cause valuable resources to be squandered.

Not only can we anticipate the hurdles that occur during a transformation, we also know how you can master them efficiently and purposefully, thus anchoring your solution sustainably. The results can be seen in the behavior patterns and actions of the employees involved.

How we produce successful, lasting change

Forward looking

We ensure an interconnected plan for a future-oriented and focused approach. 


Models, science and personal experience define our comprehensive selection of measures.


We promote synergies and target a group-oriented interaction of all players involved.


We create authentic experiences by simulating real-life events and team dynamics.


We will show you newly and individually adapted methods and set a new tone for your business.

Our many years of experience taught us, that every company has a multitude of know-how and potential, which enables them to adapt to new challenges.

However, this potential is often nipped in the bud or fail to be properly implemented. This is due to unforeseen or underestimated hurdles that come with the transformation. This is where we come in to support you.

We work intensively with the multifaceted dimension of the change processes. Thus, we enable you to successfully overcome these hurdles and enable you to implement your ideas effectively and sustainably.

What drives us

Create targeted changes





Topics in Transformation &

Change Management


Your challenges

  • Should the information flow in your projects be strategic and unbroken with clearly defined  information processes?

  • You want your meetings to be efficient and focused?

  • Should complete and necessary information be available for all your employees?

  • Are dialogue and feedback important to you?

Make sure, that your projects will become more successful by means of strategic communication. With our experience and expertise we are able to analyze your communication flow, develop an individual communication strategy together with you and help you to install a stable two-dimensional communication process.

Change Communication

How to use communication in a targeted fashion.

Many change projects fail due to missing or wrong communication. In times of constant change a fast, complete, and unbroken communication is a vital success factor for your projects. In change processes the deliberate steering of communication can maximize your employees focus on tasks, create a feeling of security among all involved, and enable you to identify and avoid conflicts at an early stage. Establishing a two-dimensional communication process is a crucial success factor in modern change communication. It is not only about passing on information, but also about giving feedback. 


Your challenges

  • Are you interested in Gamification?

  • Do you want to make available a new method for sustainably learn new content or processes to your employees?

  • Is it time to revolutionize teams and subjects by means of integrating game elements? 

To rekindle your employees´ motivation, to offer them new perspectives, and to make sustainable learning possible: With many years of experience in the field of Gamification we show you new perspectives, develop suitable solutions, and accompany you on this exciting journey. 


Learning made easy

PowerPoint-charts, trainings, e-mails - traditional ways of communication and learning often seem to be boring and show now lasting effect on the target group. The solution to the problem is gamification. The integration of game elements motivates people intrinsically to deal intensively and in a new way with a subject and to actively reflect about the experiences made. Thus, acquired knowledge is anchored sustainably. Abstract processes can be experienced in a hands-on way. Gamification is not only suitable for learning new content, but also to achieve changes in behavior, to get a new point of view on complex subjects, or to easily increase employees´ performance. 

Your challenges

  • Is it important for you to reach an objective understanding of your existing culture?

  • Do you want to make your corporate culture more sustainable and more attractive?

  • You are not sure how something being so multifaceted, complex and quite intangible like corporate culture can be changed successfully?


Corporate culture can be both the greatest impediment or the strongest catalyst for success and progress in your company. We analyse your corporate culture, develop a suitable culture for your company together with you and accompany you in the long-term anchoring. Let us work together to prevent culture from eating strategy for breakfast in your company. 


Cultural Change

Culture should no longer eat strategy for breakfast in your company

"A developing company needs something like a cultural revolution every fifteen or twenty years“ (Alfred Herrhausen). This was true a couple of decades ago and has become even more relevant today against the background of permanent and radical changes in the market. Corporate culture is a central factor concerning adaptability and long-term success. It is decisive for your employees’ contentment and willingness to perform. Corporate culture determines whether and how formalized and not formalized processes are adhered to.


Your challenges

  • Do you want to develop a mission statement together with your employees which is supported by all?

  • Is it time to redesign or further develop your mission satement due to significant changes?

  • Should your mission statement be the catalyst for your employees intrinsic motivation?

By means of interactive formats we develop your specific mission statement together with you . In combination with our communication expertise we devise an adapted commuciation strategy. Thus, a lasting anchoring of the mission statement is ensured and it is made tangible for your employees.

Mission Statement

Developing a mission statement for your company

Who are we? What are our principles and basic values? What target state do we strive for? A functioning guiding principle is the answer to these questions. It presents a framework which gives your employees orientation, a common self-conception, and a feeling of togetherness. A working guiding principle can fulfil important purposes not only within but also outside of your organization: It conveys a fundamental image of your organization to customers, business partners, and potential applicants. It is the figurehead of your company, too.


Every company provides its staff with a comprehensive kit full of various tools, systems, and processes. This constitutes a potential which can only be made advantage of by sufficiently qualifying your employees. Moreover, the ever-changing environment necessitates qualifying your staff for new processes, systems, and situations. Anchoring newly gained knowledge sustainably presents a challenge for companies which can only be mastered by an innovative approach. 

Your challenges

  • Are you implementing new processes, systems, or tools?

  • Do you need a comprehensive and efficient qualification strategy for your company? 

  • Is it important for you, to support your employees in the best way possible concerning the use of  new applications and tools?

We understand the challenges you are facing, and we support you in the creation of the training material - from ist strategic conception to ist concrete implementation. In order to make the newly gained knowledge sustainable we develop methods which are tangible and can be experienced, and thus appeal to the brain, heart, and hand of those to be qualified. Make your employees fit for present and future tasks!


Qualifying employees - making use of the toolbox!


Your challenges

  • You want to learn how to better deal with resistances?

  • You are planning a change in your company which could entail resistances?

  • You are currently fighting against resistances and you feel like tilting windmills?

  • You want to integrate the various perspectives of your stakeholders?


With a fresh view from outside and our long-term experience we gladly support you in dealing with resistances and to transform them into a motor for change. Based on a comprehensive stakeholder analysis we systematically categorize cluster of resistances and design a detailed roadmap. Let us work together in turning these great ideas into reality!


Resistance Management

Skilful handling of resistances

Every change, no matter how great the idea behind, is accompanied by resistances. It is often said that projects fail due to resistances. However, our experience has shown that projects do not fail due to resistances but due to wrong handling of the resistances. This is hardly surprising – resistance against changes is a complex phenomenon for which countless individual reasons do exist. A phenomenon which manifests itself in many different ways. Sometimes resistances can be avoided from the very beginning by means of a suitable change strategy. Nevertheless, every change constitutes an adjustment for the employees of an organization and entails fears and uncertainties. – Therefore, resistance is quite natural. The real task is to skillfully master resistances and to use them productively.


Your challenges

  • Is it your ambition to build up not only a group of people but a high performing team.

  • Do you want to set up a strong, collaborative team characterized by esteem which is pulling together and reaches its goals?

  • Do you want to successfully integrate a newly set up team lastingly into the overall organization?


We would gladly use our expertise to support you in setting up and integrating new teams – no matter whether they are big or small, local or virtual, classic or agile. Together with you we develop a roadmap for the structural as well as interpersonal set-up of your teams. We support you with exercises and measures for both internal strengthening of the team collaboration and cross-functional integration into the organization. Let us support your team in laying the foundation for an efficient and successful cooperation which is fun and achieves the goals set.


Team Set-up

How to set up a successful team

Good teamwork increases productivity, the quality of work, innovative capacity - and thus your competitiveness. In a world characterized by hard competition excellent teams are critical success factors. However, a group of employees is not per se a team. Accompanying the setting up intensively is decisive for the creation of a team. For this both are essential hard factors such as team structure, assignment of tasks and roles, and soft factors such as strength orientation and common values.


Your challenges

  • Do you want to develop a heterogeneous group of employees into a team?

  • Do you want to discover your team´s strengths and deploy them target-oriented?

  • Do you wonder how to improve the present cooperation within the team?

  • Does a conflict exist in your team you want to solve?


Together with you, we analyze the action required for your team development and work out adequate measures. In doing so we rely on interaction, perceptible changes, involvement of all team members, and common further development. Allow us to support you in creating a highly performing team!


Team Development

Developing of highly performing teams

Only a highly performing team succeeds in solving demanding tasks in a creative and at the same time goal-oriented way. As the team members trust in each other they can talk about challenges, thematize weaknesses, and solve conflicts in an honest and constructive way. Strength-oriented deployment of employees, a clear team vision as well as an unambiguous role and task definition form the basis for a high performance team.

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