Programme & Project

Together, we make your projects successful!


In times with strong change and innovation dynamics companies have to be flexible and able to respond quickly. The focus of modern project management is on complex tasks and organisational structures. Project managers and project staff, but also entire companies, are facing huge challenges. Only companies which manage to deal with this volatile project environment will be successful in the long run.


A professionally set up project management is essential for carrying out projects faster and with less resources. Taking into account all relevant parameters - from time and cost to team composition and flexibility - is critical for the success..


We at CNX know these challenges concerning project management and with our profound knowledge of methods as well as the necessary experience we are able to tackle them together with you. Thus, we manage to make your project sustainably successful while involving and motivating all stakeholders.

Why do we need professional project management?

Our three-pronged approach makes your projects successful.


All project measures are aligned to an overarching project vision and defined goals.


Suitable working structures and processes are created in order to guarantee a continuous benefit.


A mindset for an independent and focused team work is established.

Topics concerning Programme and Project Management



An overarching and jointly drafted vision is decisive for the progression of the whole project.

Taking into account all parameters – from planning, through implementation, project management and team, to reflection – is paramount for successful projects. First of all, the joint drafting of an overarching vision by all stakeholders and the resulting benefit is decisive for a well-functioning project work. The transparent designing and communication of the project goals are the basis for a successful project progression.

Your Challenges

  • Do you strive for a common and overarching project vision or do you think that it is necessary to have your project vision realigned?

  • Do you want focus and relevance in your project?

  • Do you need to prioritize the current projects in your company?

  • Do you desire continuous involvement of all stakeholders?

We support you in defining and realizing suitable project visions and goals. With view to the big picture we take into account the interests of all stakeholders and customize your project design.


Complex projects require both a clear focus and a practical structuring into project packages. These packages have to be subdivided into goal-oriented, interrelated, and nevertheless flexible work steps. In doing so, transparency and visibility of the individual project processes are vital for a smooth cooperation within the project team and thus for the fast implementation of project results.

Your Challenges

  • Do you want transparency of the current project progress and do you want to be able to provide information about it? 

  • Do you require fast responsiveness and immediate value contributions in your projects?

  • Do you want to subdivide your project into practical and integrated work packages?

  • Do you wonder how to balance autonomy to act of your project team and strictly pursuing the targets of the whole project?

We support you in developing project structures, processes, and work packages by using individually selected methods and tools. Moreover, we have huge operative experience in agile, hybrid, and classic project environments.

Apart from methodology and content continuous and transparent communication as well as a generally comprehensible visualisation of the project processes are decisive.


Results are continually achieved thanks to coordinated and tightly timed process steps. 



Good project management and close communication with the project team facilitate effective project work.

The success of a project depends to a large extent from the cooperation of all people involved. Soft factors such as leadership, team composition, communication, and motivation of all concerned are pre-requisite for successful project work. Therefore, from the start of planning to the finalisation of the project particular attention should be given to close exchange within the project team.

Your Challenges

  • Do you try to equally integrate and motivate all participants in the project?

  • Do you wonder how to combine your task packages in the project with the available resources, capacities, and competences?

  • Do you want to strengthen the cooperation within the project team, to enable individual team members, and to align them at the same time in a goal-oriented way.

  • Do you or your project team need additional technical and methodical knowledge in the project setting, for example for virtual cooperation or agile working methods?


We provide for successful interaction of all people involved in the project, and factor in team constellations and communication. In cooperation with you, we establish a mindset for working in an independent and goal-oriented way. We strengthen the team spirit which is the basis for a high level of commitment and motivation throughout the entire project